The Structure of Consciousness

I am going to define awareness as a structured primitive concept. It is composed of primitives that are sensors and sensory nets or meshes of connections. Awareness is defined as the response of the networks in and of the space and/ or form where they are .

Thus a tree has awareness, and insofar as a rock responds as a sensory mesh it has awareness too!

So now i may distinguish consciousness as a structured process of 2 structures: an awareness structure linked with and part of a memory structure.

A memory structure is composed of 2 primitives a self reflexive memory within a general primitive memory of all the input and output of the awareness structure.

Again awareness has 2 processes: a self reflexive awareness and an awareness of an extensive expanse, of which it is a part.

For convenience only in most of my exposition the memory structur as a process stage will not be distinguished. The memory will provide services to the 2 types of awareness so that perception and contiguity may be defined.

Self reflexive awareness will always be tautological, and that in itself will not imply a faux pas or a ” mistake” in the process of logical thinking, both induction and deduction. However its function of designating “identity to identity “constancy, or change, must be clearly highlighted. As an example : if a 4 legged object with a long flat board section supported by the 4 legs is defined as a bed, then a bed with a mattress may also tautologically be defined as a bed, but in fact we might usefully call it bed'( prime) , but after a while our memory will accommodate and provide a perceptual frame that accomodates both details.

And so it goes, that through tautology and memory accomodation services we develop conceptual frameworks, which some have called Schema. These are services provided by the memory structure and we may look more closely at how the memory structure processes to provide these services, at a later date. For now it suffices to recognise that unconscious processes provide awareness and self awareness with services that they require in order to perceive and to notice boundary contiguity and change of awareness in general.

Contiguity of boundaries belies the fundamental iterative process of boundary designation . Potentially our awareness could be infinitely occupied with this task alone! But we have a pragmatic structure in processing that ” hands off” details like that to a certain processing structure or structures,which continue that determination while others continue with an approximate perception , accessing the unconscious determiners as required!

Thus as Chomsky noted we have a surface process for any experience while a deeper transformational process is simultaneously occurring, feeding back results to those ” levels of processing” in the awareness networks that have called for that level of analyis and synthesis. It is often remarked how often when you take a second look at what you thought at first to be a rhinoceros it turns out to be an old lady in a bustle ! I misquote a famous nonsense poem.

Thus in this way if we make static determinations as unconscious processing results, then dynamic , that is ceaselessly changing awarenesses of a particular form may be defined as motion and or growth of that form if spatial constraints apply, or disintegration of a form or condensation if certain other spatial constraints are applicable . This may in fact mean that a broken constraint is a constraint for certain dynamic and continuous experiences to be observed.

Continuity is thus an unfinished determination of a contiguity process which involves and requires boundary determination processes. Continuity is thus always an indication of a fundamental dynamism in the conscious processing. The assumption of continuity as a property of a static form is a perceptual approximation at best and a blunder at worst. Continuity implies dynamism in the conscious processing, and this dynamism itself may be due to or may obscure dynamic boundary changes in the extensive awareness structure that we may later define as external space. However in my allied blog the Fractal Foundations of Mathematics I posited two mental collections, the set FS and the set notFS to hold everything we are aware of and contra everything else. This enabled me to think generally about all these perceptual issues and the processing structure of consciousness.

It is a long read!

Deriving the Force Measures

Archimedes lever principle
Moment both rotation and instantaneous vis
Bus requires wik from powers
Powers human/ animal. Earth( plants and chemicas) wind, water , fire and combinations.
Need for time.: time piece to carry concet of time conceived to define objective reality for a consensus.
Fundamental matrix of modern scientific thought the monastic or Mousaion traditions of Pythagoras. The eclectic traditions of mixing ideas.

Newtonian Absolute time to set out a parameter for comparing otherwise subjective assessments of interactions.

The 2 calculii : Leibniz differentials based on Descartes Geometrical ideas: newtons differentials also based on Descartes, but generalised to the derivative of differentials, based on absolute time

Differentials are geometrical, formal, derivatives are mrchanicsl/ physical and analogous to differentials.

Underlying algebra is the same because of the analogy. By this means geometry can be applied to model mechanical experiences. In fact geometry derives from pragmatic mechanics.

The fundamental importance of iteration contained in the human processes of comparison, by which factorisation is done
Making notational sense of the different ways we wish to apply the factorisation comparisons.
The notation expresses the model

The fundamental importance of sequence and order which defines iteration/ recursion.

Formally using iteration fir dynamic processes.

The principle of exhaustion
The. Grassmann methods of analyss and synthesis

The fundamental object of algebra polynomials and the binomial expansions.

Philosophical clarity of Newyon: the philosophy of quantity and form
The fundamental Newtonian motive as a fluid that encapsulates all powers in their interactions.
Deriving quantitative measures of the Newtonian motive in actions.

Why the Newtonian fluid is rotational motion ultimately and fundamentally.

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Why surface Tension is a body force! Why density is misunderstood, and why pressure is where we begin physics!