Deriving the Force Measures

Archimedes lever principle
Moment both rotation and instantaneous vis
Bus requires wik from powers
Powers human/ animal. Earth( plants and chemicas) wind, water , fire and combinations.
Need for time.: time piece to carry concet of time conceived to define objective reality for a consensus.
Fundamental matrix of modern scientific thought the monastic or Mousaion traditions of Pythagoras. The eclectic traditions of mixing ideas.

Newtonian Absolute time to set out a parameter for comparing otherwise subjective assessments of interactions.

The 2 calculii : Leibniz differentials based on Descartes Geometrical ideas: newtons differentials also based on Descartes, but generalised to the derivative of differentials, based on absolute time

Differentials are geometrical, formal, derivatives are mrchanicsl/ physical and analogous to differentials.

Underlying algebra is the same because of the analogy. By this means geometry can be applied to model mechanical experiences. In fact geometry derives from pragmatic mechanics.

The fundamental importance of iteration contained in the human processes of comparison, by which factorisation is done
Making notational sense of the different ways we wish to apply the factorisation comparisons.
The notation expresses the model

The fundamental importance of sequence and order which defines iteration/ recursion.

Formally using iteration fir dynamic processes.

The principle of exhaustion
The. Grassmann methods of analyss and synthesis

The fundamental object of algebra polynomials and the binomial expansions.

Philosophical clarity of Newyon: the philosophy of quantity and form
The fundamental Newtonian motive as a fluid that encapsulates all powers in their interactions.
Deriving quantitative measures of the Newtonian motive in actions.

Why the Newtonian fluid is rotational motion ultimately and fundamentally.

Why surface Tension is a body force! Why density is misunderstood, and why pressure is where we begin physics!


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