Heat as a Vibratory State of Matter

There is long 17 th century tradition that heat was a vibratory state or condition of matter. It is found particularly among the Alchemical writings of philosophers and especially amongst the writings of Newton. However, when heat began to be studied, Fourier in particular adopted the analogy of a fluid.

It is said that he used Newtons observation that heat( a fluid) flows from a high temperature to a low temperature, from hot to cold. However since Newton expressed heat as a vibration he did not concur with this notion!

The higher state of vibration corresponded to the higher temperature, thus a higher vibratory state passes into a lower vibratory state.

There are several observations at superconducting temperatures where cold is observed to flow into heat! This seems anomalous except when you realise that it is a relative statement if vibration passes into lower vibration one may equally say that lower vibration passes into higher vibration
However empirical observation reveals the following. Heat is associated with lower densities of a material. Thus a warm front is associated with low pressure circulation cells, cold temperatures are associated with higher densities, thus anticyclones spread out into warmer lower density air bringing a chill.

We say high density spirals out into lower density, but this is cold flowing into heat! In addition we say heat convicts or radiates into cold , but give no thought to cold converting or radiating into heat.

If we look at convection in a metal bar, the high temperature Is associated ith a less dense volume of material, expanding and highly radiative . But consider for a moment that the cold material is attempting to radiate into this less dense region , that it is converting from its stays of higher density spreading into a region of lower density. In this case the lower temperature and lower vibratory system is nevertheless more highly effective in pushing a lower vibratory state onto a higher one.

The situation is not the simplified hot flowing into cold energy flow or even high temperature flowing to lower temperature, it is a high temperature low density high vibrational radiating and expanding state which is being penetrated by a low temperature high density low vibration radially contracting low radiation state”

Thus warm air does not rise, rather cold air pushes the less dense air up.

In terms of the znewtonian absolute system this makes perfect sense, as the quantity of motion , and the motive measure of the cold air has a greater cntipetency than the less dense warm air.


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