Density in the Newtonian system of quantities within an absolute vis system is the ratio of a given volume of air to the same volume of any other substance or matter, compound or aggregate as to : how far each stretches a spring balance, or how much is required in adjustment to achieve a balance of moments. Density is thus the ratio of motive vis of a standard volume of air to a volume of any substance or matter required to balance.

Because density is a ratio of motive vis, it is physically dimensionless, but this is a mathematical nicety. Density is clearly a force! Within the Newtonian force or vis system it could be no other. Due to the Abdolute nature of these force or vis systems it is clear that pressure , and the distribution of pressure , the pressure gradients etc are a better conceptualisation of vis than the hijacked term force,

Density is a substance pressure, and it presses toward the centre of an absolute system. Substances thus separate by the pressures involved with densities leading to regionalisation, stratification dynamic interactions between and around densities.


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