Ed Leedskalnins PMH Capacitor and The Sun

JG the organic chemistry tutor

This is an electrified dielectric object. It is called a capacitor. Another electrified dielectric object that is called an inductor. A capacitor can store energy for much longer than inductor can. An inductor is a dynamic store of energy whereas the capacitor can store energy when it is not connected to a capacitor circuit. However, Ed Leedskalnin showed that if you make an inductor into a U-shaped loop then the inductor can store energy when that loop is magnetically closed with a bar when it is not connected to the circuit. This inductor which stores energy is called a PMH

A capacitor stores its energy in a dielectric. A PMH stores its energy in the magnetic current in the magnetic material. The ferromagnetic material is also a dielectric but it is a very poor one. It is therefore necessary for the ferromagnetic material to take the form of a closed loop. When in the form of a close loop the energy circulates around the ferro magnetic material in what Ed Leedskalnin called a magnetic current.

If we connect capacity to a PMH we should expect an oscillating Or alternating current flow in the circuit until it disappears.

This gives insight into what happens in the battery. The battery stores energy in both these forms within the chemical reactions that occur within the battery. However, as we know,a battery is not needed to charge a capacitor inductor circuit. We could use a generator.

Thus we can see that Energy can be stored within the PMH or within a capacitor which is a dielectric form in which the dielectric is a poor conductors or it can be stored within a PMH or it can be stored in a capacitor inductor circuit itself. The implications for transformer design, and transformers within any electric circuit, great . This means that if a transformer is disconnected from a circuit it will still carry a magnetic correct. Reconnecting such a transformer back into circuit will cause a flow of magnetic charge which could burn out a generator. In addition trying to disconnect a transformer in alternating current circuit will lead to flashback of energy .

The implications for storage of energy in the sun it’s also great. When are PMH is situated within the surface of the sun the magnetic current will flow smoothly. When the PMH breaks the surface of the sun then the magnetic current will form a loop of plasma involving several ferromagnetic / magnetic materials . This loop may discharge violently. We call such discharges coronal mass Ejections.

It also gives a better explanation of the so-called magnetic reconnection. NASA has shown that where so-called magnetic reconnection events occur magnetic bubbles are also present. These magnetic bubbles are what we call PMH . They are closed magnetic loops within the magnetic aether.

And finally, this has great implications for the understanding of plasmoids.


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