Male over female ?

And she said,

Eve said,

Husband has gained by me Yehovah!

But his name was Gain.

And his twin was named Vapour.

Yet Man has gained Yehovah by woman,

Male has gained Yehovah by female,

Red earth has gained Yehovah by the tilling of his Red Soil,

When he began to know her,

To explore her by his hand.

Even Adam and his Adamah.

So Yehovah gave us Yeshua

By Miriam

Mankind gained Yeshua by her! And like Vapour

He is an overseer of Yehovah’s flock,

And a performer of Yehovah’s will.

And his offering Yehovah busied himself with,

But his twin brother, the Pharisees became fiery!

And they took him out into a field ,

And slayed him,

Even spilled out his blood by a rock !

And Petach was by the door,

Even Pesach was nearly come.

Will you be ruled by him you Pharisees?

Will you Israelites rule over Petach Because his blood cries out? Will you fear the judgement of Yehovah?

Or accept mercy by the blood at His hand?

For Yeshua’s blood cries out for judgement,

But mercy was the cry from his mouth!

Which will you have you of Yakov?

Justice or Mercy by Yehovah?

Because he was utterly taken away by your fiery anger,

And yet he did you no wrong!

Says Yehovah,

Except that he pleaded me more than you

Full of avarice!

You can not serve Yehovah and Gain !

But you can return to me and live,

Live by his mercy and not die!

For he asked of me forgiveness and I will give it,

To those whom I will give it

Among all the nations!

And Yeshua shall thus save his people,

And shepherd them into my flock!


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