Yehovah the Source of Eloquence

Who anointed Avraham? And by whom was Yitsakhaq anointed?

Yakov first anointed a pillar

But who anointed him?

Surely they were anointed by Yehovah

When they inclined their ear to his voice!

Even the listening mentality Yehovah breathed into all Nephesh hayih ,

the Neshematah Hayiim

That responds to the cry of all souls!

When this breathed in spirit is activated,

To listen to the voice of Yehovah:

As Yeshua breathed on his friends,

And look! Yehovah’s mighty spirit came upon them.

Certainly it was by Yehovah

Who swore by himself in an oath

That these fathers he had stooped down to ,

And walked with and among as they listened,

At the level of obeying his voice,

At the level of keeping his keepsakes,

At the level of safeguarding his safeguards,

Yes; his statutes and commandments and judgements and his instructions !

His beautiful Torah in a Word!

Such an honourable word was made flesh!

And anointed in just the same way!

For who ever anointed Moshe!

Or whoever poured oil on Yehoshua’s head?

Yet by these ones Yehovah saved his people

And saves them and continually saves!


And who anointed Hebel?

The one Cain killed in his furnace of Anger!

Yet Yehovah appointed his blood to cry out

Even for the Torah of Yahh!🙏🏿🙏🏿👌🏿👌🏿 so listen now to his justice

The response of Yehovah to his anointed

The cry of our Yahh to their cry

And did he not answer with Eloquenxe?

Was he not poetry’s Muse?

Do not his words internally


And sing in the heart like a song?

Yes rhey eternally rhyme!

And lodge in the ear with a ring!

Listen now

Oh you his people

Shout out his words in his Praise!

Praise Yahh you people in his Eloquence

Drip the honey of figs Into the ear

The sweet rolling thunder of justice

The judgement of Yehovah dusted with sweet mercies

The dusty icing that decorated his cake!

His slices of statutes tinged with mercy

His poems of right doing

Like treacle

Sweeten the pancakes of the souls !

Who like Yahh annoints with a spirit?

Yeshua his son is his name !

Praise Yehovah all you peoples

Praise Yahh in the beauty of purifying

Of returning to his Torah by his anointing

Even Yehovah’s Spirit directed

By the hand of :


Tell me now

You who study Torah,

Do you not hear the eloquence of Yehovah

In the words of his son Yeshua?

Is your wicked heart not stirred to return

At the poetry of my Master?

Are not Yeshua’s Torah pearls a delight?

Does he not purify the Torah kisser by purging?

And by purging their chains set them free as a dove?

To return to the liberty of His Torah

To the freedom of his voice leading

Leading the listening ear

Whose mouth utters I’m keeping

Here am I my I Am

Here I am!


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