The face of Yehovah is Yeshua

Isaiah 9:6

For uno us a child is born,

And uhto us a son is given,

And the government shall be upon his shoulders,

He will rise up early to the government,

And his name will be called,

“wonderful of the counsel, God of the mighty one, my father once again, the Prince of the completion. “

Whereas he might be called the amazing one of counselling, and the hurricane of the mighty one, and the double of my father, and the Prince of peaceful endings.

For there was an astonishing one of the Counsellimg of Yehovah, even the Torah of Yehovah. And he Yeshua also proved to be a tornado of the mighty one Yehovah, for the tornado came down upon him and drove him into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. And he did prove to be the double of our father, the exact copy of Yehovah. And he is the Prince of the completion of our salvation and the building of the kingdom of Yehovah♥️♥️♥️

His name will be called : genius of counsel , distinguished of Counsel, discerner, divider and diviner of counselling , separator and conservator of counsel so that Yehovah might be magnified! For he is the performer of wonderful and marvellous things of the Counsel of Yehovah, Difficult things, hard to understand, miraculous things astonishing when performed. For the Council of Yehovah is wondrous!

And Yeshua has proved to be my father over and over and over and over again! For he is a faithful one to our father, and an exact impression of Yehovah,

A rehearsal of him who is to come!😍😍😍


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