Yehovah is a mighty king,

Ancient of days he has reigned from everlasting!

Look now, in his hands he holds the reins of galaxies,

The very stars run to do what he says,

The mighty planets go in their orbits to establish what he demands!

And so is it a small thing in his eyes that you do bad?

Look how patiently he puts up with your twisting away!

We have all become malformed because of our breaking away,

And yet his desire is that we be transformed!

Look now, his faces towards us,

His son Yeshua came down to spy on us,

We marked him,

And took him to the altar of Jerusalem,

To sacrifice him to our worthless gods,

They are no gods!

So then, is it a small thing that you do Bad?

Look at this!

Yehovah holds the rains of kingdoms and kings!

And it is his desire to set his son as king over us,

To bring you unruly peoples,

Under his rule!

Yehovah has reigned!

So bend your knees to his reign,

For he is reigning still,

And he will reign to everlasting!

That is why it is no small thing That you do bad!

And that is why Yehovah himself rejoices when you return to his voice!♥️♥️♥️

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