The spirit of The one called Elohim

You absolutely would not expect the tornado to have a womb! It is not evident in the tornado, but in a hurricane the womb is evident. This giant storm system, Like a tornado has a centre of calm and stillness , Yet the Wall is very active often containing small tornadoes. This is called the eye of the storm, but the ancient Hebrew conception is the womb of the storm. So, associated with this huge destructive awesome power is a soft gentle calm even caressing and cherishing side..

The concept of wanting to lay eggs and to brood them, to nurture and 2 feed young ones, to Soothe, to calm an agitated brood, Is inherent in the words or concepts rachum and rachaph .

So we see that Elohim does not just step onto a building site, in order to build a palace, but stepped into a brood of agitated fledgelings and begins to mother, calm them, and order them, turn them into a flock that follows it everywhere it goes! No this is the nature of Yehovah, this is his signature!๐Ÿ’žโ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒˆ


The Mightiness of Yehovah!

My MIQRA begins with bet and ends with mem,

In which Yehovah reveals himself as a universal king:

First by his kingly counsel the Elohim;

And lastly by his kingly armies The Tsabaoth.

He begins with The Aleph and ends with the Thav!

This me reveals him self to be:

The Aleph and the Tsade,

First and the last of greatness and Mightiness!



Yehovah is a mighty king,

Ancient of days he has reigned from everlasting!

Look now, in his hands he holds the reins of galaxies,

The very stars run to do what he says,

The mighty planets go in their orbits to establish what he demands!

And so is it a small thing in his eyes that you do bad?

Look how patiently he puts up with your twisting away!

We have all become malformed because of our breaking away,

And yet his desire is that we be transformed!

Look now, his faces towards us,

His son Yeshua came down to spy on us,

We marked him,

And took him to the altar of Jerusalem,

To sacrifice him to our worthless gods,

They are no gods!

So then, is it a small thing that you do Bad?

Look at this!

Yehovah holds the rains of kingdoms and kings!

And it is his desire to set his son as king over us,

To bring you unruly peoples,

Under his rule!

Yehovah has reigned!

So bend your knees to his reign,

For he is reigning still,

And he will reign to everlasting!

That is why it is no small thing That you do bad!

And that is why Yehovah himself rejoices when you return to his voice!โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ

Qodesh Qodeshim!

The ring and the arena are Qodesh,

The ball in the stadium qadash,

In the eyes and the hearts and the mouth of the fans!

They gather to cry out to the champions,

To watch their contestants with expectation,

To urge and to encourage on their athletes,

Their warriors,

Their fighters,

Their hope!

And so they set apart these places, they spruce them up,

And hold them as clean in their hearts!

On the lips they utter their names with reverence,

Remembering the exploits of long ago!

On their knees, and with their arms up raised,

They call out to these places,

They talk about their exploits among themselves!

With pride they waive their flags, you knowthey wear their colours,

They carry upon themselves their identifying marks,

They distinguish themselves from one another,

And draw themselves into groups!

They say,

โ€œwe are devoted, we are fans, we are proud,

To make their name great! โ€œ

Understand then, that Yehovah is Qodesh

Even Qodesh Qodeshim !

His sabbath and his house and his mountain are his arena!

And they are qadash,

Even to be set apart ,

to be consecrated,

To be washed clean in the heart of Yehovahโ€˜s fans!

That his contests and his exploits Are to be watched in expectation!

That his warriors are urged on with shouting!

That his fans are proud,


And singing,

Declaring the excellence of his exploits!

That they bear upon themselves the mark of his identity,

That they promote his champion,

And the power of his kingdom,

Even Yeshua!

That they say,

โ€œYeshua is the contender,

He is the heir apparent! โ€œ

Every sabbath they rejoice in expectation,

That they gather to call out his marvellous Contests!

For who has done exploits like Yehovah ?

Let them be uttered under your tongue every day!

With bent knees and arms outstretched declare him Qodesh!

Hold him as clean in your heart and your eyes!

Set a Boundry around all his works,

His sabbath,

his house,

His mountain,

His arena!

Look forward to him winning with joyous expectation!

In his Torah you will find out his program,

Declaring the end from the beginning!

Advance notice is given by his prophets ,

Buy the tickets before they sell out!


Shavuot Is coming!

The yowl or the yobel is coming!
The howl of the horn of the RAM.
Draw it out until it comes to 50!
Counted out till it comes to the Jubilee!
But then you shall come near to Yehovah,
And Yehovah shall come down upon Sinai!
The call of Yehovah drowned out Moshe,
And the people of Yacov were afraid!
Be of good courage my children,
For Yehovah approves of those fearing him,
And he gives gifts to them that tremble before him,
Even words of truth and wisdom!
That you should not twist away from him, not become malformed
Nor break away from him and have to die!
Oh you backsliding Israel!
You who drew away from the Mountain in fear,
Return to Yehovah with singing
Return to Yehovah,
Draw near!
You swore that what he said you would do!
Before Yehovah you raised up your hands.
And now perform according to your words
And fully perform his Torah !
The Torah mediated to you by Moshe,
Drawn out to you by Yehoshua,
And restored to you by Yeshua,
Even the Torah of Yehovah !
For by these words as Yehovah made a covenant with Israel
Even the covenant of Abraham, Yitschac, and Yakov!
Look and see!
He sends out a helper to help you,
and the spirit to write in your hearts!
Upon your willing hearts he will inscribed nis Torah,
And you will utter it under your tongue,
And like sweet honey it will drip from your lips!
Look and see!
Shavuoth is coming,
And Yehovah is coming down to meet you!
Break out the seven trumpets before him,
Just as Yehoshua set them before,
March before him and proclaim him,
Call out the good news!
For Yehovahโ€˜s Kingdom is here!
Yehovahโ€˜s people are coming in,
Make way for the kingdom of Yehovah!

My total master

Yeshua is my beloved,

He is chief among 10,000!

Oh you daughters of Jerusalem,

If you see my beloved

Tell him I am sick of love for him!


Oh Yehovah, my father

Return to me my beloved,

Return to me my king

For my Lord Chief among 10,000 is,

And I am sick of love for him!


Oh Yehovah return to me my beloved,

Let me be his undefiled one,

Let me be pure in his sight,

And his only one!

For he is chief among 10,000,

and I am sick of love for him!โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ

Oh Yehovah,

Let my beloved teach me your Torah,

May he cover me as he whispers your words to me!

May I cleave to him,

And him to me as the words of Yehovah bear fruit in me!

Oh you daughters of Jerusalem,

I lay this charge upon you:

If you see my beloved,

Tell him I am sick of love for him!

For he is chief among 10,000,

And my beloved๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

The conscious and intelligent universe!

When Yehovah called (yiqra) he wanted us or his beings to respond (shema).

So the Hebrew verb shema means to respond to a cry! It is a response to an audible signal not to a visual or kinaesthetic one.

The Torah explains from the beginning that Yehovah made his existing things able to respond to his voice, or his cry.

The Torah therefore is saying fundamentally that what we call the universe is conscious and attentive.

We may find this difficult to understand until review what man has done with his technology.

You should watch the whole of this film with understanding. If you like riddles you will find an answer to the conundrum of who or whatIs Yehovah. But you will not find the correct answer until you accept the Torah.โ™ฅ๏ธ

Now shem is the Hebrew word for an audible signal that we attach to a mark, or a person, or a thing, that is some object that we can visually identify. This Hebrew word which comes from the verb shema underpins the Greek notion of seemeion . So the topics of geometry, algebra, mathematics, astrology, and science derived from these two fundamental words, the verb shema and the noun Shem

It goes deeper, any conscious attention or ability, or consciousness is the exercise of these two Hebrew words, and we make these conscious behaviours and thoughts accessible to others by a third Hebrew word which means to cry out (lqra).

However that cry has to be attached to something, and object that can be seen to become a shem. Therefore the name of Yehovah means the vast endless visible universe in its dynamic evolving, and unfolding. We have sent spaceships, rockets, probes into Yehovah ! So it is well to come to an understanding, based on modern information and data of Jehovah and his purpose for us.

In that regard The Torah provides a competing theory to those proposed by modern day philosophers and scientists and religious leaders. It is worthy and has always been Worthy of really deep study and application.

However let us not miss the point: Yehovah is listening, crying out and respecting this cry expecting a response.