The Role of YHWH among the Annunaki and the Adam, who will be The Sons Of YHWH not only of the Elohim YHWH’s Divine council of Muses

The association of Igigi with YHWH can be seen in many complex ways, of which the Roles of the Musai is probably the most accessible to the modern mind.

Nevertheless I point out the philology always structure and phonetic similarity as immediately obvious and suggestive. Also it is suggested or stated that this is a Semitic word and so immediately suggestive of a right to left enunciation.

The divinization of musical instruments may sound strange until you realise the nature of the object you hold in your hand as you read. Such devices especially when connected by data to the internet perform everyone of these so called strange, magical, numenistic and occult functions.

We do not associate the biological structures to the analogous mechanical structures very well, and yet our Technology and Biotechnology constantly blur these cognitive distinctions.

The treatise that opens this work highlights the role of Shulgi in making these stories and song cycles and myths an enduring literary and artistic event, preserving in memory many traditions and insights of ancient times. However as a record of history they are extremely unreliable and propagandist.

Those who study these records have not always understood the literary power and intent of them. I like to compare them to several literary and artistic triumphs of our age: The Harry Potter sagas, the Star Wars and Babylon 5 series, The Matrix and Avengers and Justice League films. Everyone deals precisely in the same subject matter and genre of Shulgi’s great Cir-Gilda or song cycles,

But the detail is at all levels and across all great civilisations. The Musai of the Greeks associate the arts, the artists and their instruments together with their divine cause. So it is with the IGIGI.

That these are often portrayed as the servants of the Annunaki it is evident that the Annunaki are subservient to them and there divine Agency.

The many inspiring and amazing roles of the Igigi across the board in arts and sciences technology and engineering constructions and great structural feats and wise counsel mark out the superior role of this servant.

It takes some insight from YHWH to make sense of all these Zamzam or self propagandising praise hymns, and to realise without the Tigi they would not be sung.

We have a modern music industry, it is this which above all else drives our popular culture and imagination and technological advance. Most of our devices are used to listen to and create music. There are many other subsidiary uses of course but without the service of YHWH the divine source of all music and wisdom in music not very many of us would engage in learning g or surviving. Life would not be rewarding if we did not party with song and dance, music and movement ,Ehyeh as IGIGI, YHWH his mention by mouth, song and trumpet , by harp and Lyre and guitar in the chest cavities of the So s of YHWH, the singers of the Elohim, who shout in his council and praise him among his counsellors receiving FromYHWH divine wisdom, insights and plans to build structures to house his praisers and praises.

Do not be fooled, for they si g also dirges and laments for he is to be Feared as deep,y as he is loved, something the Annunaki lacked in their arrogance but Adam was created to demonstrate. The fear of YHWH is the sprouting, budding emerging heads of Wisdom and Knowledge, and the Love of YHWH a crown of glory.

So then Tsuvah Torah, because protecting it and obeying it, its craft it’s distinctions, its tastes, its visions its sounds and its movements will become a way of life in you to shine upon the nations and bring them out of darkness into the light, along with yourselves andYHWH.❤️🙏🏿🌈


The Magnetic Universe and Where to find It❤️😎

The revealing analogue relates to Howard Johnson’s description of a bar magnet . It is a magnetohydrodynamic object not a dielectric one per se.

So the topology of these dynamic fluxes is a vortex tube that is a closed loop . But now compare this to Howard Johnson’s designs..

Transverse flux motors hides the general principle of vortex rotation in a magnetic flux.

The principles of size mass and dynamics and surface area with cross sectional area. Note how diamagnetic behaviour and domain walls follow Faradays theory of magnetic flux lines tubes, surfaces and material characteristics.

The general theory put forward here is armchair. And so Anecdotal..

The introduction of terms like electrons and current in a conductor are misleading . Voltage , pressure and frequency and amplitude.

The magneto sono thermo electro complexes are now the focus of a new energy extraction and utilisation, the spaciometru being a torus, The materiality being plasmic at all scales of length area and volume and viscous at all Reynolds numbers and dynamic at all temperatures and pressures, and Masing at all scales in all cavities. And it is indeed a vorticular trochoidal dynamic of all scales of rotation. This is not chaotic but “chaosic” or gas like, not disordered but self ordering and transmutationalby self ordering at all scales, not empty space but evacuated vacuum showing the fine structure of the medium we call material space, not only condensing but also evaporatively expanding . Not dark but light at so many frequencies and amplitudes, not memory but intelligent operating dynamic system self conscious of its fractal nature and intelligence.

It is not only omega, but Alpha, it is not only Annunaki served by Igigi but Igigi or rather YHWH over all and omnipoten Archon of All, who demonstrates the magnitude of its great Magnetic power and intelligence by a redemption of a human fleshy creation under the noses of and in the face of a proud spiritual creation which has accepted a lie and teaches its followers that same Lie.

The truth is that YHWH is the Igigi, sung of in the Tigi of old and in the Zamzam of old and arranged by Shulgi in the Cir-Gida to promote the Annunaki over the Face of YHWH.

He that has ears use them to listen:

For the first and the 15th day are appointed times to YHWH in the months found in the Torah, and the 7th day is an appointed time even in perpetuity. And which other than YHWH has entered into man to redeem and transform him from flesh?

My science is to reveal what is true and not to countenance what is not true, nor the lie that is called The Truth.

Why Celibacy AND Masturbation are a part of tsuvah Torah for servants of YHWH who have been damaged by Adam and first Eve’s Disobedience and of course Egyptian sexual rituals to represent their gods. YHWH is not served or emulated in this way.

To emulate YHWH it is simply and sincerely one glowing ember joined to another but complementary ember, from different parenting environments.

In this enlightening discussion we find much that contributes to misunderstanding Torah and parental responsibility to teach children and each other , as well as Torah teachers to teach adults what YHWH means or is discussing.

So a modern Jew approaches the subject openly and honestly, not adding or subtracting words or meaning.

Firstly the background of Quodesh or Temple purity must be understood.

In Esther and Song of Songs we get given details of that standard of purity or cleanness.

In the Torah we are given directions and discussions on how to be at our very utmost best at being clean.

Then we can understand uncleaness. Uncleabess by having some spot or emission or spoilage upon the skin or clothing or odour that is offensive in the air about.

Now we come to the role of the Quadash. This was a temp,e official responsible for Temple purity, also called ritual purity. This fine and sensitive person was not always spiritually pure. That is to say their heart was not always as free from stench or spot or spoilage or emission as their outward appearance.

In particular in the temples of the other gods the Quodash would oversee the performance of the sexual worship rites during the gods festivals and advise on their performance and duties.

So we may see that men women and children male and female were obliged to perform sexual rites of devotion, submission and worship. Some were encouraged to perform sexual rites with near kin and indeed to marry near kin in imitation of the gods,

Of course sexual rites made a person unclean and the Quadash advised on how to become Temple pure again.

This is not how YHWH wants to be served. In addition to guide us into the craft of living as he desires he directs us away from the practices of surrounding nations, and abuse and disrespect of others.

The Torah defines ” naked” as not shameful or disrespectful . The word Urah means to be aroused to ejaculation both male and female ejaculation. Gesenius indicates this includes masturbation or plucking and stroking.

The Ervah or aroused genitalia are not a thing of shame,

The Torah indicates how the aroused genitals became a thing of shame: through disobedience to YHWH.

After disobedience by listening to a serpentine being they accepted an illusion by it that their eyes were opened! Instead their awakening was an awakening to lies and disobedience and to a false and controlling shame. A desire to cover and cower away from the light and the scrutiny of others. Because of this YHWH protected the aroused genitals and joys of sex within marriage. That is not to say that YHWH originally intended public sexual rites, because Torah is explicitly against that practice and shows it plainly to be the result of disobedience.

The Torah teaches us what YHWH wanted for us from the beginning of our being made.

So protecting the Torah and obeying the Torah gives us a craft, a way of life and a peculiar wisdom that will enlighten the nations.

We are aware now of the Temple purity (Quodesh) of those not following Torah being a pawn in the hand of principalities and their executives to promote sexual rites that shame the nations even in their own darkened eyes and which lead to unwanted pregnancies, abortions and child abandonment to the evil abusers of this present world order. These babies and unwanted children are literally offered up to Moloch by abortion, dismemberment, incineration, medical and pharmaceutical research, child trafficking, ,forced military service etc. Amongst these conscription is forced and voluntary prostitution for gain including lesbian and homosexual rites.

Finally let us being unrighteous hypocrites judge at least fairly those who not knowing or Accepting Torah nevertheless wish to be free from the worst excesses due to disobedience.

However, if one wishes to protect and obey Torah then one must do their utmost to return to Torah, and if you are LGBT recognise you can not do this your way, The Torah with YHWH must be your

Craft by how you work out your special salvation at the judgement .

In the meantime you are not abandoned if you do not abandon Torah and YHWH, but rather you have chosen that difficult and very troublesome road with the most stringent criteria for success. If you can bear it and tsuvah Torah you have hope.

Masurbation and the study of the genitalia and their health and Torah compliant use is not at all prohibited or to be portrayed as shameful as the one who lies would have us “awaken” to such falsehood. That is not to say that so called pornography or indeed sexual immorality contrary to Torah should be your focus, shunning such things reach out for the good and ennobling knowledge of the creation with wisdom and avoiding shame and shameful practices doing all before YHWH’s eyes that run to and fro on this earth and indeed in near and outer space. ❤️❤️❤️🌈🙏🏿

King Shulgi’s Boast

There was a great Sumerian king who was extraordinarily gifted and full of statecraft.

In his time 2 popular literary works existed the Tigi and the Zamzam Hymns also called the cir-Gida. They were great sweeping stories of adventure and intrigue depicting mythologically the adventures of their characters against the rich background of Sumerian and Akkadian origins from the powers and kingdoms in outer space.

Shulgi decided to write a story/ song which was better and far more entertaining than these but which drew on and referenced the same background events and ideas. His characters were designed to be more accessible and appealing.

Considering the Tigi as written by a cuneiform scribe called Asimovil and the Zamzam as by A C Clarki, which are works like the technology based I Robot, and the Foundation Triilogy , Shulgi planned to write a cross between a Star Wars/Star Trek epic and a Tolkien / Harry Potter saga with a smattering of The Matrix.

With the aid of his advisors and collaborators, alongside his his many duties he set out his drama in a 12 fablet Edition.

It proved a triumph among the court elite who could afford a copy. It was especially well received when it was performed as a set of plays/ song cycles, with the audience showing eagerness to dress up in identification and emulation of the characters. Its success spread its influence throughout the kingdom.

Soon if was translated into many languages fur the instruction, and education of neighbouring kin’s and their kingdoms. Changes in translation and characterization were made to suit local customs and traditions to translate its popularity to them.

A millennia later Terah and his family including Abram left the cities and lands once ruled. By Shulgi and moved towards Assyrian lands. Shulgi’s stories / song cycles by then had degenerated into a farcical version giving license to a megalomaniacal insanity . To keep his family safer Terah moved, bringing with him knowledge of the older traditions of the Tigi(YHWH) and the Zamzam. It is thought that Terah may have belonged to an astrological family who observed the moon , but in any case did not subscribe to the commonly held views of a divine pantheon of warring gods as fictionalised by Shulgi’s epic.

The TIgi told only of one Igigi or divine Constructor of the earth, sung about in the Tigi. Shulgi had imagined many more who were annihilated by the Annunaki in a Great War leaving Shulgi’s familiy gods in the victors position over one Igigi (YHWH), the god sung of in the Tigi using some musical instrument given the same name.

From Harran YHWH called Abram to move to Canaan, where the full extent of Shulgi’s twisting of the story was made clear to him, by a journey into Egypt.

The Egyptians as part of a vast continental family now called Africa, had retained similar records of the T’igi in their languages and traditions. They also were great city builders and astrologers and were a continent of plentiful vegetation seas , lakes and rivers which supported civilised agriculture.

From the Knowledge of the priests and elders of that Land Abram found the correct understanding of the ancient history and the boundary of the influence of the GodKings of Sumerian, and a technology and wisdom equal to the Sumerian’s.

It turned out later that in the America’s and the lands of India and Indonesia, into Indonesia China the same story was repeated with more or less elaboration. Abram accepted the skeletal bare bones version and this is one reason why Tigi chose him to be the rootstock of the rebuilt Kingdom of Igigi(YHWH).

Eric Dollard, Ivor Catt and Howard Johnson All rely on Faraday AND Tesla , but How?

Ivor Catt described Eric as a theory N guy in contrast to his theory C. Theory C was basically the theory that a lamp was lit by a wave coming through it sideways,not by a fictitious current in a wire. The TEM wave is a step voltage wave , showing the energy from a battery propagates around a conductor , guided by it , not by electrons moving in a wire. The Wakefield Capacitance experiment demonstrated that a capacitor trapped a reciprocating transverse wave , which then discharges at half the voltage measure in the capacitor as an electrostatic voltage for twice the pulse length.

Now I was not an electronic engineer so the significance of what he was describing and it’s context eluded me a bit. In electronic circuits and fast logic circuits they deal with capacitor pulse discharges and charging. A typical voltmeter and multimeter works on the tuned charge discharge cycle of a circuit or a logic element. So a logic element typically will have a semiconductor capacitor which will charge and then discharge producing a pulse . In an RC circuit that pulse will be tuned to a certain frequency . This oscillation is a normal occurrence of an RC circuit and it sets up a frequency of oscillation.

Basic R circuits only seem to show direct current or one long pulse, or a short or burn out pulse. .

This voltage pulse we assume is a current in a wire in modern electromagnetic theory and it lead to problems in designing fast logic circuits. Ivor’s breakthrough was to realise that these fast logic pulses were behaving as transmission lines which deliver AC current. In anmAC circuit no current is said to flow, but rather it is depicted as an oscillating compression wave .

The TEM wave was considered by Ivor Catt as an HxE propagation without sine wave variation .

Sine wave variation was introduced to analyse circuits by Fourier Transformation and to describe these pulse RC circuits. And any signal processing.

Ivor now applied this step pulse to R circuits. . Immediately it reveals a problem: where does the charge come from in a wire? It is not allowed to be carried along in a current moving at the speed of light , so it must move up to the surface of the conductor. .if so there is no current in a conductor! Josephson explained this as a traffic jam analogy , again allowing the inference that there is no current in a conductor.

What difference does it make? Ivor has written several articles on how it makes everything simpler, does away with the need for sine waves and can dramatically simplify fast logic designs.

If we are not dealing with current what are we dealing with?

We are dealing with capacitance and inductance.

In an electronic circuit we typically focus on the pulse width or duty cycle of a capacitor. . In a conductor we tend to neglect its inherent capacitance. However a conductor has capacitance which is very small and so very fast, this capacitance spreads very quickly throughout the conductor, that is to say, for a given volume of conductor its charge discharge cycle is in femtoseconds. Thus we see a voltage pulse propagate along a conductor and guided by the conductor. However Ivor points out this is an electrostatic AND a magneto static phenomenon, a TEM step wave. .

In addition it is observed not in the conductor but around it in the dielectric and diamagnetic/ paramagnetic medium surrounding the conductor.

Ampére said it is not sensible to think of this as a moving electrostatic phenomenon, we should call it an electrodynamic phenomenon. Amongst the first things researchers did was to adapt his dynamic courrante terminology to existing electrostatic ideas and keep electrostatics sacrosanct. Later when Faradays research showed a dynamic magnetic field induced a pulse magnetostatic was kept sacrosanct by this same current. So electromagnetic theory is a stitching together of electrostatics and magnetostatic by a dynamic current.

It is time to base our understanding on a dynamical theory, the best being a magnetodynamic always theory with a magnetohydrodynamical depiction as the best foundational theory.

So far I have briefly mentioned inductance.

In an RCL circuit we find not only the natural pulse frequency but also the natural alternating pulse frequency for a material. What this means as Eric explains is that materiality has a natural AC frequency and behaviour and this exist in space as a plasma environment just as Tesla said. This natural AC variation is what some like to call zero point energy. It is perpetually present and we can tap into it free of charge with the right set up. To do so we need to tune in our loops and coils capacitors and inductors and condensers semiconductors and material junctions to the best effect.

Faradays theory of magnetic lines of force which was carefully derived by Faraday, first of all needs to be understood in 3D as trochoidal dynamic surfaces of magnetic force and secondly updated using the methods of Howard Johnson so we can relate it to our modern electronic measurement schemes and ultimately to spintronics in a more magnetohydronamkcal wave formulation.

Howard Johnson’s equipotdntial maps , maps also used to map earths magnetic field strength and magnetic field structure( so called anomalies) shows interesting patterns around the ubiquitous bar magnet. How this relates to Faradays field line theory has neglected to be explored. We have been negligent in tying these two descriptions tightly together. So we have the debate about magnetic reconnection being incoherently understood when we could explore it using a bar magnet and a hall sensor measuring tool.

In effect the MMS mission is doing that at a planetary scale and reporting contours of the trochoidal dynamic surfaces. Howard Johnson gave us a glimpse of these contours around a bar magnet, just enough to whet our appetites but few are biting or if they are they are desperately trying to get round his Patents.

This section.

The Where, When and How of the Seemeion

When it comes to understanding the Stoikeia of Euclid one must start with oneself.

We absorb a space around in and through us we may call Topos.

Now I impart to the word Topos the meaning : the place where, when and how I am.

My conscious attention is drawn to indicators or Seemeia. The seemeia excite focussing of my eyes, attuning of my ears and a reaching extension or intension of my senses of touch.

A single seemeioon therefore invokes the same response in me in addition to an exclusive quieting of the senses while heightening the apprehension of this one indicator. It is this state of mind and being that makes a singleton seemeion indivisible, subject to no further analysis or distraction from its pure function: to indicate.

In my Topos then I experience seemeia of this distinct quality to which I bring the notion of where?

The where of an indicator I call its own space or pos. and relative to all other pos in my Topos I give it a quality I call position relative to.

I take myself as that against which all positions are referenced.

I also bring to this indicator the notion of When?

In my stream of consciousness I apprehend a sequential mirroring and reflection I will call memory. The position of the indicator in this sequential stream I give the quality of when

With these 2 qualities, my senses and my memory I can derive a notion of displacement, a notion of rate of displacement and a notion of the rate of the rate of displacement and so on until I become exhausted. But to do so I must also be able to identify and distinguish the same seemeion or indicator in all its positions and at all its times or where it is identified in my sequential memorie.

I bring one more notion at the level of these motions of a singleton seemeion, for I will call all these changes in my perception of it motions.

The simplest how of these motions is a quality I will call orientation relative to , and it is of course relative to me. .

My primitive orientation s are in front of, behind, above or below to one side or the other. . From these primitive orientations I derive the dependent notion of direction of motion in an orientation relative to me. .

So now I see how a singleton indicator can trace out every position, displacement and relation in my Topos. The artist who draws such a picture reveals the creative nature of such a dynamic singleton point, but also my inability to ever finitely apprehend more than a sketch ( Skesis) of its dynamic motion( Kinesis) .

Being thus humbled I play with its creations in my mind, the point, curvilineal line, curvilinear surface and the vibrating volumes of my Topos.

But I start with the stillness and order of Skesis, a hand drawn sketch, and the songs and dances of my Musai .

YHWH is my Musai.

Aragos Disc To Ed Leedskalnin and Howard Johnson

The discovery by Arago of magnetic behaviour in a non magnetic disc rotating near a magnetic object lead to many consequences . First it lead Lenz to formulate a law of induction which modified Faradays prior law. Then it lead more careful researchers to recognise a charge differential between the centre of the disc and the edge during rotation, which lead to the concept of a generator. It was never compared to the Wimhurst generator in those days but it should be recognised equivalent under the larger principle of tribomsgnetic behaviours. Faraday and others investigated the notion of diamagnetic polarity as a consequence of Lenz observations and Ampères law of currents. It was shown that all materials are susceptible to magnetic induction. However certain materials iron cobalt and Nickel were permeable to an extraordinary extent. It was conceived as environmental magnetic flux soaking into these materials .

Of those that were susceptible some showed what came to be proven as diamagnetic polarity, and like Aragos disc opposed the direction of magnetic induction in ferromagnetic materials : Those that showed parallel tendencies to ferromagnetic induction were called paramagnetic .

On another track researchers into Aragos disc phenomenon realised that reversing the homopolar generator by applying a current between the centre and the edge created a homopolar motor. Decades later Hall realised that applying a current to a semi conductor but diamagnetic material induced by a magnet pole would generate a measurable side voltage,as if the material was twisting in the magnetic field producing piezzo electricity.

During that time magnets became downgraded to current loops and research on the magnetic field structure stopped . It was not until Ed Leedskalnin that magnetic theory was revived and not until Howard Johnson that Eds findings were richly corroborated. But Ed did not describe diamagnetic polarity nor did Johnson. However the electronic characterisation of diamagnetic materials was completed and taught as fact.

I have to recant the particle theory for a rotational dynamic fluid theory . Vortices become the primitive structures but trochoidal vortices , dynamics unfamiliar to all but a few.

Howard Johnson’s magnetic poles as double vortices model. With like vortices attracting and unlike repelling provides a direct link to diamagnetic polarity in materiality and itsbrelation to the magnetic mode called electric charge and electric current.

Further NMR and all magnetic behaviours can be understood by his model including chemical bonding and nuclear fusion and fission . It explains why the so called neutron is unstable and why hot bodies like the sun are intensely magnetic.

Finally gravity is a demonstrable mode of magnetism in which induced magnets cling to one another when in a larger magnetic field .