Shunya is Everything!

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Trapaaing has worked hard to communicate the philosophy of Brahmagupta  with regard to his teaching on fortune and misfortune in our daily lives.

The Sanskrit concept Shunya is a very ancient philosophical concept of the Brahmans or Vedic cultures. It means everything in its entirety and the symbol is O or the circle. 

This circle is representative of the infinite sphere of everything. 

Because Brahmagupta was an astrologer his words carried significance, when he mentioned misfortune, his listeners recoiled in horror and consternation. That same fear and dread haunts us when we are first introduced to so called negative numbers.

Hegel and his school considered this philosophy very deeply . While his exposition is cast into Germanic western form it is pure Vedic and upanishad conception. His deconstruction of the human condition into an angst that denies half itself is very cogent. 

Not all are able to embrace the knowledge of good and evil, the knowledge of fortune and misfortune, and yet it is placed before us in all the ancient wisdoms and philosophies. 

The solution is placed before us also as the life or active being and becoming, never standing still, always surviving.

In the edenic myths the clear advice is to choose life first! Psychologically this makes the individual a better adjusted entity that can cope with the knowledge of good and bad, fortune and misfortune.

As a constructed identity you must unravel and reconstruct many times. To do so you must choose life! The plain and simple choice is between life and not life. Choosing not life does not condemn you to death , but to many shades of grey and misery , before the eventual blackness of death!

You shall not die, but instead you will live  a half life, a fraction of your potential because you did not choose to fully live in Shunya!

Shunya being everything naturally included this choice alongside the fortune and misfortune of life. That it is yin and Yang reflects the traditional Chinese philosophical explanation of yin and yang: what is fortune in one situation may turn out to be misfortune in another, and further that misfortune May indeed be fortune at a later event! And so it goes around?

Thus we come to see that the misfortune of misfortune may indeed be fortune!

The clearest statement of this symbolically using – to represent not only misfortune but the turn of events through 180 degrees to its opposite; not only debt but the rotation of fortune into debt is this 
N. – N = 0 that is Shunya

Thus N +{–N} =0

Thus N  = –{–N}

If we identify –n as distinct misfortune  and N as fortune  we see that the swings and roundabouts of life can add and subtract fortune or add and subtract misfortune. In subtracting misfortune we experience that as fortune.

This fundamental notion or equation underpins our analysis of being alive and interacting with space

Bombelli was able to adduce that the quarter turn of events is also a significant part of the equation. Life inShunya is not just about fortune and misfortune! In fact it is all about constantly and continuously rotating change!

Shunya is every thing!