What is a force?

A force exerts a pressure? Rather a pressure exerts a force! And finally a transfer of energy exerts a force . Tension indicates that inertia exerts a restorative pressure which or a contractive pressure that

absorbs or draws in energy before reacting to the initial action . And finally pressure acts curvilineally not just in straight lines .

https://youtu.be/mril0zFVJXQ in general the notion of a force should be derived from an expansion and contraction pressure in an inertial medium, which is why a fluid dynamic description of motion is crucial and something Newton advocated keenly . Einstein’s geometrical version or equivalence of force was an attempt to define an aethritic medium purely by data points and is naturally curvilineal. Unfortunately his students confused the reference force with a universal notion called gravity which still is not known or understood to this day by Academics . The reference force for earth or the solar system does not work for galaxies and galactic clusters which is why dark matter was invented . That dark matter is increasingly being found to be unaccounted for dust and water in the interstellar medium . The contraction and expansion of this and all materiality is governed by magnetic rotational dynamics of a fluid aetheric medium .