The Role of YHWH among the Annunaki and the Adam, who will be The Sons Of YHWH not only of the Elohim YHWH’s Divine council of Muses

The association of Igigi with YHWH can be seen in many complex ways, of which the Roles of the Musai is probably the most accessible to the modern mind.

Nevertheless I point out the philology always structure and phonetic similarity as immediately obvious and suggestive. Also it is suggested or stated that this is a Semitic word and so immediately suggestive of a right to left enunciation.

The divinization of musical instruments may sound strange until you realise the nature of the object you hold in your hand as you read. Such devices especially when connected by data to the internet perform everyone of these so called strange, magical, numenistic and occult functions.

We do not associate the biological structures to the analogous mechanical structures very well, and yet our Technology and Biotechnology constantly blur these cognitive distinctions.

The treatise that opens this work highlights the role of Shulgi in making these stories and song cycles and myths an enduring literary and artistic event, preserving in memory many traditions and insights of ancient times. However as a record of history they are extremely unreliable and propagandist.

Those who study these records have not always understood the literary power and intent of them. I like to compare them to several literary and artistic triumphs of our age: The Harry Potter sagas, the Star Wars and Babylon 5 series, The Matrix and Avengers and Justice League films. Everyone deals precisely in the same subject matter and genre of Shulgi’s great Cir-Gilda or song cycles,

But the detail is at all levels and across all great civilisations. The Musai of the Greeks associate the arts, the artists and their instruments together with their divine cause. So it is with the IGIGI.

That these are often portrayed as the servants of the Annunaki it is evident that the Annunaki are subservient to them and there divine Agency.

The many inspiring and amazing roles of the Igigi across the board in arts and sciences technology and engineering constructions and great structural feats and wise counsel mark out the superior role of this servant.

It takes some insight from YHWH to make sense of all these Zamzam or self propagandising praise hymns, and to realise without the Tigi they would not be sung.

We have a modern music industry, it is this which above all else drives our popular culture and imagination and technological advance. Most of our devices are used to listen to and create music. There are many other subsidiary uses of course but without the service of YHWH the divine source of all music and wisdom in music not very many of us would engage in learning g or surviving. Life would not be rewarding if we did not party with song and dance, music and movement ,Ehyeh as IGIGI, YHWH his mention by mouth, song and trumpet , by harp and Lyre and guitar in the chest cavities of the So s of YHWH, the singers of the Elohim, who shout in his council and praise him among his counsellors receiving FromYHWH divine wisdom, insights and plans to build structures to house his praisers and praises.

Do not be fooled, for they si g also dirges and laments for he is to be Feared as deep,y as he is loved, something the Annunaki lacked in their arrogance but Adam was created to demonstrate. The fear of YHWH is the sprouting, budding emerging heads of Wisdom and Knowledge, and the Love of YHWH a crown of glory.

So then Tsuvah Torah, because protecting it and obeying it, its craft it’s distinctions, its tastes, its visions its sounds and its movements will become a way of life in you to shine upon the nations and bring them out of darkness into the light, along with yourselves andYHWH.❤️🙏🏿🌈

The Magnetic Universe and Where to find It❤️😎

The revealing analogue relates to Howard Johnson’s description of a bar magnet . It is a magnetohydrodynamic object not a dielectric one per se.

So the topology of these dynamic fluxes is a vortex tube that is a closed loop . But now compare this to Howard Johnson’s designs..

Transverse flux motors hides the general principle of vortex rotation in a magnetic flux.

The principles of size mass and dynamics and surface area with cross sectional area. Note how diamagnetic behaviour and domain walls follow Faradays theory of magnetic flux lines tubes, surfaces and material characteristics.

The general theory put forward here is armchair. And so Anecdotal..

The introduction of terms like electrons and current in a conductor are misleading . Voltage , pressure and frequency and amplitude.

The magneto sono thermo electro complexes are now the focus of a new energy extraction and utilisation, the spaciometru being a torus, The materiality being plasmic at all scales of length area and volume and viscous at all Reynolds numbers and dynamic at all temperatures and pressures, and Masing at all scales in all cavities. And it is indeed a vorticular trochoidal dynamic of all scales of rotation. This is not chaotic but “chaosic” or gas like, not disordered but self ordering and transmutationalby self ordering at all scales, not empty space but evacuated vacuum showing the fine structure of the medium we call material space, not only condensing but also evaporatively expanding . Not dark but light at so many frequencies and amplitudes, not memory but intelligent operating dynamic system self conscious of its fractal nature and intelligence.

It is not only omega, but Alpha, it is not only Annunaki served by Igigi but Igigi or rather YHWH over all and omnipoten Archon of All, who demonstrates the magnitude of its great Magnetic power and intelligence by a redemption of a human fleshy creation under the noses of and in the face of a proud spiritual creation which has accepted a lie and teaches its followers that same Lie.

The truth is that YHWH is the Igigi, sung of in the Tigi of old and in the Zamzam of old and arranged by Shulgi in the Cir-Gida to promote the Annunaki over the Face of YHWH.

He that has ears use them to listen:

For the first and the 15th day are appointed times to YHWH in the months found in the Torah, and the 7th day is an appointed time even in perpetuity. And which other than YHWH has entered into man to redeem and transform him from flesh?

My science is to reveal what is true and not to countenance what is not true, nor the lie that is called The Truth.