The conscious and intelligent universe!

When Yehovah called (yiqra) he wanted us or his beings to respond (shema).

So the Hebrew verb shema means to respond to a cry! It is a response to an audible signal not to a visual or kinaesthetic one.

The Torah explains from the beginning that Yehovah made his existing things able to respond to his voice, or his cry.

The Torah therefore is saying fundamentally that what we call the universe is conscious and attentive.

We may find this difficult to understand until review what man has done with his technology.

You should watch the whole of this film with understanding. If you like riddles you will find an answer to the conundrum of who or whatIs Yehovah. But you will not find the correct answer until you accept the Torah.♥️

Now shem is the Hebrew word for an audible signal that we attach to a mark, or a person, or a thing, that is some object that we can visually identify. This Hebrew word which comes from the verb shema underpins the Greek notion of seemeion . So the topics of geometry, algebra, mathematics, astrology, and science derived from these two fundamental words, the verb shema and the noun Shem

It goes deeper, any conscious attention or ability, or consciousness is the exercise of these two Hebrew words, and we make these conscious behaviours and thoughts accessible to others by a third Hebrew word which means to cry out (lqra).

However that cry has to be attached to something, and object that can be seen to become a shem. Therefore the name of Yehovah means the vast endless visible universe in its dynamic evolving, and unfolding. We have sent spaceships, rockets, probes into Yehovah ! So it is well to come to an understanding, based on modern information and data of Jehovah and his purpose for us.

In that regard The Torah provides a competing theory to those proposed by modern day philosophers and scientists and religious leaders. It is worthy and has always been Worthy of really deep study and application.

However let us not miss the point: Yehovah is listening, crying out and respecting this cry expecting a response.