Aragos Disc To Ed Leedskalnin and Howard Johnson

The discovery by Arago of magnetic behaviour in a non magnetic disc rotating near a magnetic object lead to many consequences . First it lead Lenz to formulate a law of induction which modified Faradays prior law. Then it lead more careful researchers to recognise a charge differential between the centre of the disc and the edge during rotation, which lead to the concept of a generator. It was never compared to the Wimhurst generator in those days but it should be recognised equivalent under the larger principle of tribomsgnetic behaviours. Faraday and others investigated the notion of diamagnetic polarity as a consequence of Lenz observations and Ampères law of currents. It was shown that all materials are susceptible to magnetic induction. However certain materials iron cobalt and Nickel were permeable to an extraordinary extent. It was conceived as environmental magnetic flux soaking into these materials .

Of those that were susceptible some showed what came to be proven as diamagnetic polarity, and like Aragos disc opposed the direction of magnetic induction in ferromagnetic materials : Those that showed parallel tendencies to ferromagnetic induction were called paramagnetic .

On another track researchers into Aragos disc phenomenon realised that reversing the homopolar generator by applying a current between the centre and the edge created a homopolar motor. Decades later Hall realised that applying a current to a semi conductor but diamagnetic material induced by a magnet pole would generate a measurable side voltage,as if the material was twisting in the magnetic field producing piezzo electricity.

During that time magnets became downgraded to current loops and research on the magnetic field structure stopped . It was not until Ed Leedskalnin that magnetic theory was revived and not until Howard Johnson that Eds findings were richly corroborated. But Ed did not describe diamagnetic polarity nor did Johnson. However the electronic characterisation of diamagnetic materials was completed and taught as fact.

I have to recant the particle theory for a rotational dynamic fluid theory . Vortices become the primitive structures but trochoidal vortices , dynamics unfamiliar to all but a few.

Howard Johnson’s magnetic poles as double vortices model. With like vortices attracting and unlike repelling provides a direct link to diamagnetic polarity in materiality and itsbrelation to the magnetic mode called electric charge and electric current.

Further NMR and all magnetic behaviours can be understood by his model including chemical bonding and nuclear fusion and fission . It explains why the so called neutron is unstable and why hot bodies like the sun are intensely magnetic.

Finally gravity is a demonstrable mode of magnetism in which induced magnets cling to one another when in a larger magnetic field .